¿Who is Lorena?

Hi! My name is Lorena and I come from Cali, Colombia. In 2001, I moved to Vienna to continue my studies on Chemistry and Roman Languages. And the cakes? They are my passion, which I learned to make through a series of professional decorating and pastry art courses, which have taken me to Barcelona, Madrid, Guatemala City, Las Vegas, and New York. The many compliments and kind words from many encouraged me to open By Lore Cake Design.

So here I am, ready to share with you my creativity and my passion for cakes and everything that the pastry world has to offer!

Your orders will be personally treated in order to capture what is dear to you!

So let us have a glance at what we are looking forward to offering you.

Why By Lore?

By Lore – Cake Design arises from the combination of various ideas and passions, on one hand combining a range of flavors and products from different regions, giving to our customers the opportunity to enjoy new flavors and textures; on the other one, combining this with design in everything that we do, being desserts, cookies, creams and naturally Fondant modeled items.

We also wanted to provide our customers with a place where they can feel well cared for, where they can freely share with us their ideas so that we can translate them into reality. Doing things with love and dedication is what identifies us; not only you will be able to see it, but you will get to taste it and enjoy it!

Our team

Lizeth Camacho

My name is Lizeth, I am from Cartagena - Colombia. In Colombia, I studied computer science and project management, which I completed in Vienna with a master’s degree in economics. I really like sweets and administration. Being part of this Project goes hand in hand, as I enjoy a product from by Lore on a daily basis while taking care at the same time, of its administration. The interaction with partners and clients is also within my functions; I take every opportunity to show and describe all the qualities that our products have, meeting the expectation of our customers is our main objective.

Natalia Pardo

Hello, I am Natalia from Cartagena – Colombia; since I was a little kid, I was always surrounded by the world of cooking, but it was in 2010 that I decided to make it my lifestyle! I am passionate about pastry, that I went to studied it at the Colombian National Training Service. In 2011, this passion took me to Lima, Peru, where I learned the techniques and the best way to merge flavors and colors coming from different world cultures. Now in Vienna, I have the wonderful opportunity to continue working in this world of sweets at by Lore – Cake Design